How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost? | FREE Calculator

Ceramic Coating has become an extremely popular paint protection method over the last few years. Finding pricing online can be difficult and it typically varies from installer to installer. CCR has created an easy-to-use calculator below that will help estimate the cost of ceramic coating for your vehicle.


I Don’t Have Time for a Calculator, What does Ceramic Coating Cost?

There are a few factors that go into how much ceramic coating will run you. 

  1. Size and Condition of Vehicle
  2. Quality of the Detailer
  3. Qualify of Ceramic Coating Product

Simply put, you are going to spend between $1,500 and $6,000 depending on the combination of the three factors. Your average car using an average quality product will run you around $2,000, while a high-end sports car requiring special handling and using a high-quality product might run closer to the $6,000 mark. Tip: for an accurate estimate, use our ceramic coating cost calculator above.

Why is Professional Ceramic Coating So Expensive?

As with anything in life, going to a professional is almost always more expensive. We like to think of it in terms of mounting a big 75′ TV. Sure you can do it yourself if you’re experienced, but having a professional come out and find the studs, precisely drill the holes, ensure everything is level, and hiding the cords almost always results in a better quality result than doing it yourself. The same applies to using a professional for ceramic coating installation.

Most ceramic coating on the market today requires detailers to go through training and receive certifications often costing them up to $1,000 per year! Your dealer is not only paying labor and product costs but also for these expensive certifications.

Can I Apply Ceramic Coating Myself?

The first thing you might ask after seeing the cost of a professional ceramic coating installation is “can I do it myself”? The answer is yes if you are experienced in car detailing.

If you are familiar with polishing, paint correcting, or other types of detailing, installing ceramic coating is also something you should be able to do. Many manufacturers sell DIY ceramic coating that does not require professional installation though it’s worth noting that these are oftentimes not as high quality as something you would get from a professional auto detailer.

If you are capable of installing ceramic coating yourself, you could potentially save thousands while having the best paint protection around.

How is Ceramic Coating Different From Waxes and Sealants?

Traditional waxes and sealants simply sit on the surface of your paint and last only a few months with water and debris wearing the layers down. Ceramic coating creates a semi-permanent bond called nano-bonds with your vehicle’s surface that provides years of protection. The difference in protection is night and day, but so is the cost.

Summary: What Does It Cost For Ceramic Coating

While there are many variables to this, we hope our calculator above will assist with an accurate estimation. Depending on the age, size, and condition of your vehicle you could be spending anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000. While this might be an expensive investment upfront, your vehicle’s paint will thank you. This is the highest quality paint protection around and will protect your paint for many years.